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FAQ: Grooming faq's
Do I need to make an appointment ?
Yes please ring first on 01283 222371

How old does my dog have to be for its first groom?
most puppies around 10 weeks

My dog has fleas should I still bring it for grooming?
No - if you know your dog as got fleas please ring me and I will try to advise you on what to do

My dogs coat is very matted can you still groom it
yes but it may cost a little more and this goes for all dogs big or small.

My dog is very timid will you still groom him?
yes he will probably be ok after a little play time most are

my dog is poor on his back legs dos this matter?
No we have special restraints to help the dog whilst it is on the grooming table

can I stop with my dog?
you can stop in the reception but it would be better for the dog if you did not.
Dogs tend to 'play up' when they know the keeper is about.

Do you cut claws (nails) Dogs
yes from 5 per dog just nails