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Professional Clipper Blade and Scissor Sharpening

Unclean clipper blades are a breeding ground for bacteria.
You need to prevent cross contamination between animals.
Never takes the clipper blades apart to clean.

We believe that a small air compressor with a high pressured blow gun (this is what we use), would be a wise investment for anyone who uses clipper blades. It will blast out hair and debris from the clipper blades and is also great for drying the clipper blades once they have been dipped in blade wash. If you havenít got a small compressor use your high velocity dryer to blow out most of the hair and then use a small stiff brush to remove any hair still visible on the clipper blades.

Use a flat shallow jar top and pour in some blade wash.
Put the clipper blade on the machine, turn the machine on, and lay the clipper blade flat against the bottom of the jar top. Only immerse the clipper blade.
Whilst the machine is running (releasing small hairs trapped between the cutter and the comb) you will notice hair coming loose and the clipper machine will become noisier as the blades become clean.
Still pointing towards the floor so that none of the blade wash gets into the clipper machine, remove the clipper blade and dry with a cotton cloth/paper towel.
Hold the clipper blade with the flat surface away from you.
You will notice that with firm pressure, the small cutter blade can be moved.
Gently move the cutter blade half way across (be extremely careful to ensure that there is no way the clipper blade can slide off the end) and with a cotton cloth/paper towel, wipe of any left over residue on the clipper blade.
Place a small drop of oil on the running rails (where the comb and cutter come into contact with one another) and spread the oil along the surface with the tip of the oil dispenser. Do not pour oil through the teeth and remember to use minimal oil.
Once you have completed this process you will need to do exactly the same for the other side of the clipper blade.
Carefully remove all excess oil with a cotton cloth/paper towel.
Note: if you get any oil onto an animalís coat, then you are using too much lubricant.


Wrap oiled clipper blades in kitchen roll and store in an airtight moisture proof container.
Please note that rust can develop very quickly in a moist atmosphere. If a clipper blade is left uncovered and without protection (oil), a sharp clipper blade can blunt overnight.